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MMSlimRevolutionary technology producing the effects of a workout – without the gym!

Instead of spending countless hours exercising, MMSlim offers the same outcome in just a 30 minute session.

MMSlim operates through a High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic (HIFEM) technology, which penetrates muscle to burn up to 21% of fat and increase muscle mass by 18%.


MMSlimTreatment Special

1st Session $250

Treatment Special1st Session $250

Buy Now,
Pay Later
Split the cost of your treatment into 4 instalments

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Bodyvision-Clinic-Prahan-Melbourne-Results-MMSlim-Treatment-1 Bodyvision-Clinic-Prahan-Melbourne-Results-MMSlim-Treatment-2
Bodyvision-Clinic-Prahan-Melbourne-Results-MMSlim-Treatment-3 Bodyvision-Clinic-Prahan-Melbourne-Results-MMSlim-Treatment-4
Bodyvision-Clinic-Prahan-Melbourne-Results-MMSlim-Treatment-5 Bodyvision-Clinic-Prahan-Melbourne-Results-MMSlim-Treatment-6

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